the tao of blue crush

Some people are born already to march (crawl?) boldly down their chosen career path.  Future doctor’s patch up ailing stuffed animals and – somewhat further down the line – apply for internships, fellowships… Continue reading

funny lady.

My friend Kaity is essentially a funnier, better dressed version of me.  Don’t believe me? Read her blog…You’ll laugh so hard you’ll die. RIP, read my blog from the after life please. Find… Continue reading

What we talk about when we talk about Miley.

Love to hear some interesting takes on Miley’s (AND ROBIN THICKE’S) deplorable VMA twerkfest. Is she getting the brunt of the criticism? Does she deserve it? Something to think about. That outfit though, woof.


Escape from New York.

I spent the weekend in Connecticut, at my parent’s house (my house? – can I claim partial ownership if my prom dress and highschool CD mixes still live there?) Sometimes it’s hard to… Continue reading

my long lost twin…

  Ever wonder what you’d look like at as a boy? This russian guy my friend  Dina Dmitriyevna found on the internet gave me a pretty good idea. 😐

I climbed twin peaks.

I’m just now getting back from a month long vacation, because I am a very lucky girl and also a freelance employee. I bought a one-way ticket to California with no plans other… Continue reading


Lets get physical

Woke up early* to work out**. Now I feel excellent.***